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Monday, October 19, 2009

My First Kendo Tournament (Jakarta Japan Matsuri 2009 - Japan Indonesia National Kendo Tournament)

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After practice with bogu for approximately 3,5 month, finally i got my chance to participate in my first tournament. The tournament was tittled "Jakarta Japan Matsuri 2009 - Japan Indonesia National Kendo Tournament". Followed by dojo from all around Indonesia : Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Malang, and Surabaya. Well, the more the merrier they said, hehe.

So, after the opening ceremony, the tournament started. There were 3 categories in this tournament, that is : men (shodan and above), men (below shodan/kyu), and women, and i was the participant of 2nd category. As my match time get closer, i started to feel nervous, but i was sure that once you inside the match court, and yelled your kiai, everything will be OK. And this is true, when my first match start, and i yelled my kiai, my nervousness was all gone.

I passed my 1st and 2nd match, on the 3rd match, i faced with this guy from Surabaya, and he was big. Using jodan kamae (high stance), make his reach became further. Hmm, facing big, more experienced kendoka and his jodan kamae, on my first tournament, looks like i'll have some fun, hehe. All i relied on was basic technique, and i also borrowed the spirit of surabaya football supporter, that is "bonek" or "bondo nekat". As for bonek, i'll explain it later. The match started, and it goes according to my previous prediction, it's fun, hehe. Giving everything i got at that time, i can hold him before finally he got kote just seconds before the match over. Too bad it was, but more than that, that was the most exciting match on my first tournament, the sensation, the adrenaline rush, owh that was indescribable.
Its this big guy..

Overall, i quite satisfied with my result. Of course, more and more practice will be needed. Hope i could obtain better result on the next tournament. For Saru-san, please wait our rematch on the next meeting, hehe. And thank you to everyone involved in this tournament, keep moving forward for Kendo Indonesia. :)

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