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Monday, February 27, 2012

6th Kouryuuki - Surabaya Kendo Tournament 2012

Kouryuuki - Surabaya Kendo Tournament is annual kendo tournament held by Surabaya Kendo to commemorate the anniversary of Surabaya Kendo. The tournament took place in Surabaya Japan School gymnasium, on Sunday,  February 19th, 2012, and open for all kendoka in Indonesia. This year tournament followed by kendoka from Surabaya, Malang, and Yogyakarta.

Tournament result :

Men Individual:
1. Tesar (Suroboyo Kenyuukai)
2. Moko (Suroboyo Kenyuukai)
3. Erman (Malang Kendo Club)

Men Final match

Men 3rd place match

Ladies individual:
1. Yola (Yogyakarta Kendo Association)
2. Neni (Jakarta Kendo Association)
3. Happy (Suroboyo Kenyuukai)

Ladies Final match

Ladies 3rd place match

The Champions

Great tournament, great experience, hope to see all of you again on the next 7th kouryuuki.. \(^,^)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Indonesia Kendo Grading Exam 2011 (Video)

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On December 2011, Indonesia Kendo Association held grading exam for kendoka from all affiliated organizations in Indonesia.  Held in main gymnasium of Jakarta Japan School, the exam examined the skill and techniques of the participants before they advance to the next level. Started with kids exam, continued with non bogu exam, and the last was bogu users exam.
First part of exam, kihon waza

and the next exam for bogu user was keiko

After the exam finished, the next event was farewell keiko for Tsuchihara sensei, because he had to leave Indonesia and went back to Japan. On farewell keiko, one had to face all dojo member in one point match, and by all dojo member, it means about 10 to 20 people will be there to face you..more people there, means that more people care for you ^^.
Tsuchihara sensei farewell keiko with Yola, from Yogyakarta Kendo.