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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When shinai kiss you.. ^^

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Its already rainy season, that's great, but sometimes, rain could be troublesome too. Like that night, just before i went to the dojo, heavy rain pour down from the dark sky. However, i still managed to arrived at the dojo, but without my training gears, why, well because its already late and my raincoat was torn everywhere, so my training gears will definitely soaked if i brought it. Kihon session already over when i arrived, and the next session were tsuki training. Really interesting, so i took my cellphone and start filming the session. And here's the result :

Hidaka Sensei teach Morote Tsuki (Two handed tsuki)

Hidaka Sensei's Morote Tsuki

Sensei also teach us Katate Tsuki (One handed tsuki)

and Tsuki Men

And last session was keiko, too bad my battery already at its limit, so here's all i got :

Hidaka Sensei VS Yusa

Leo VS Yusa

One thing for sure, next morning they'll woke up with those lovely red marks.. :p