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Friday, October 5, 2012

2012 Aikido and Kendo Demonstration on National TV

On this September, we got some martial art related event. The first one was Jakarta-Japan Matsuri Kendo Tournament 2012, as a part of Jakarta-Japan Matsuri 2012 Event. Jakarta-Japan Matsuri is an annual event held in Jakarta for one week, 23th to 30th of September 2012, with various event for public, symbolizing the close relationship between Indonesia and Japan. The second was seminar with the title "Nihon no Budou to Samurai Seishin", means Japanese Martial Art and Samurai Spirit, if i'm not mistaken, held in Medan on September 28th 2012, and the last was aikido demonstration on one of national TV station. I'll try to write more detailed article for the first and second event on my next post.

Besides kendo tournament, there was also kendo demonstration by Jakarta Kendo Association and Jakarta Kenkyukai,held on Plaza Senayan Jakarta. The kendo demo was performed by adult, children, men, and women. This showed that kendo is for everyone.  People looked anthusiast watching this demo, maybe because its their first time watching kendo live. We also got one of national tv station covering the event. For you haven't seen the news, here's for you :

After watch it, i hope you become wondering about what is kendo, and start to search for nearest kendo dojo in your town :) .

The next video is about aikido demo by friends from Bulungan aikido dojo. You could read the dojo history on their website. The aikido demo not only performed by adult, but also by kids, and they performed great, the kids unafraid to took the ukemi and they did it smoothly. 

As you can see, not only men, but women and kids can do aikido, so what are you waiting for, open new tab on your browser, and start searching aikido dojo around your neighborhood ^^.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Samurai Spirit : Kendo

Hello everyone, ever heard TV show entitled Samurai Spirit? I think not all of us know it, because its unlikely that this show aired on your national TV station. For me, i knew this show from the internet. This show told the story of Nicholas Pettas, famous martial artist in Japan, on his journey to study and train with other martial art, like judo, aikido, kendo, and more. You can search his journey on internet, if you interested to know more.

As for this post, i post video about his kendo training. Previously, this video was split to several parts, to make it easier to watch, i joined the video and reupload it. Hope it could give some knowledge to everyone who see it, and maybe, you'll decide to join kendo after watch this video. Enjoy :)

I hope i can post another martial art related video on the future post. Stay tuned and share if you consider it useful  ^^.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yogyakarta - Medan Kendo, Dojo Visit 2012

To strengthen the friendship between kendo dojo in Indonesia, on May 2012, Yogyakarta Kendo visited Medan Kendo Dojo for joint practice. Unfortunately, at that time, Hamada Sensei, Sensei of Medan kendo Dojo, had to go to Jakarta. So the practice was held without him. Medan Kendo Dojo located on North Sumatra University complex. This dojo was built in 2008 with the cooperation of Japan Consulate, Persada, and North Sumatra University, to gave Medan kendoka a proper place to practice kendo. This cooperation also donated bogu and keiko gi for Medan Kendo.

Here's some keiko video from the visit :

Keiko with Edi, 2nd kyu

keiko with Bintang

keiko with yume, 2nd kyu

Everybody showed great spirit on kihon and keiko session. It's nice to be able to train together with Medan kendoka, thank you and see you on next tournament. ^^

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aikido Seminar with Jun Nomoto Shihan, Yogyakarta, 2012

On June, Yogyakarta aikido held two days aikido seminar on 16th and 17th, with Jun Nomoto Shihan (7th Dan).  The seminar held at Sanata Dharma University hall, Yogyakarta. Followed not only aikidoka from Yogyakarta, but also from other cities like Semarang, Solo, Malang, and Surabaya. 

On this seminar, Nomoto shihan taught about how to train our breathing, because proper breathing will give us many benefits, either in or outside training, such as, better awareness, better stamina, etc. Nomoto Shihan also taught jo kata and jo techniques. On jo kata, he taught individual and group jo kata. That was my first time practicing group jo kata. One group consists of 4 person, face to one center point. This kata usually showed in aikido demonstration, because it looks more beautiful than individual kata. For more detailed description about the seminar, you can see the following pictures by Yogyakarta Aikido.

Seminar registration
seminar hall
with Edu Sensei (Yogyakarta Aikido Head Instructor)

seminar participants
kokyu (breathing exercise)
aiki taisho and stretching

explaining kamae

kamae check

jo session

group jo kata

seriously pay attention ..
group jo kata by mudansha
explaining jo 

jo shihonage

jo kokyunage

Thank you for participating, c u on next seminar.. :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Latihan Aikido bersama Sensei Hakim, Yogyakarta 2012

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Latihan bersama ini diadakan hari Jumat, 8 Juni 2012, bertempat di dojo Shi, Alun-alun Selatan Yogyakarta. Diikuti aikidoka dari dojo-dojo di Yogya. Pada latihan ini, Sensei Hakim tidak hanya mengajarkan teknik, tetapi juga mengajarkan cara/metode latihan, yang diharapkan bisa membantu aikidoka dalam memahami dan berlatih teknik aikido. Walau tidak semudah itu untuk dipahami oleh para peserta latihan, terlihat dari ekspresi mereka saat berlatih, hehehe.. :). Meskipun demikian, tetap semua peserta berlatih dengan semangat dan antusias, dan mungkin bercampur sedikit-sedikit bingung.. :D

Berikut beberapa foto yang mungkin bisa menggambarkan suasana dari sesi latihan malam itu, monggo.. 

1 uke

3 uke

6 uke

Dengan sensei Edu (tengah), ketua dewan guru Aikido Yogya

seusai latihan

sesi foto bersama

Foto adalah properti dari Aikido Yogyakarta

Terima kasih untuk kunjungannya, sampai jumpa di posting berikut, dan tetap semangat berlatih!! ^^