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Friday, October 5, 2012

2012 Aikido and Kendo Demonstration on National TV

On this September, we got some martial art related event. The first one was Jakarta-Japan Matsuri Kendo Tournament 2012, as a part of Jakarta-Japan Matsuri 2012 Event. Jakarta-Japan Matsuri is an annual event held in Jakarta for one week, 23th to 30th of September 2012, with various event for public, symbolizing the close relationship between Indonesia and Japan. The second was seminar with the title "Nihon no Budou to Samurai Seishin", means Japanese Martial Art and Samurai Spirit, if i'm not mistaken, held in Medan on September 28th 2012, and the last was aikido demonstration on one of national TV station. I'll try to write more detailed article for the first and second event on my next post.

Besides kendo tournament, there was also kendo demonstration by Jakarta Kendo Association and Jakarta Kenkyukai,held on Plaza Senayan Jakarta. The kendo demo was performed by adult, children, men, and women. This showed that kendo is for everyone.  People looked anthusiast watching this demo, maybe because its their first time watching kendo live. We also got one of national tv station covering the event. For you haven't seen the news, here's for you :

After watch it, i hope you become wondering about what is kendo, and start to search for nearest kendo dojo in your town :) .

The next video is about aikido demo by friends from Bulungan aikido dojo. You could read the dojo history on their website. The aikido demo not only performed by adult, but also by kids, and they performed great, the kids unafraid to took the ukemi and they did it smoothly. 

As you can see, not only men, but women and kids can do aikido, so what are you waiting for, open new tab on your browser, and start searching aikido dojo around your neighborhood ^^.


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