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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Samurai Spirit : Kendo

Hello everyone, ever heard TV show entitled Samurai Spirit? I think not all of us know it, because its unlikely that this show aired on your national TV station. For me, i knew this show from the internet. This show told the story of Nicholas Pettas, famous martial artist in Japan, on his journey to study and train with other martial art, like judo, aikido, kendo, and more. You can search his journey on internet, if you interested to know more.

As for this post, i post video about his kendo training. Previously, this video was split to several parts, to make it easier to watch, i joined the video and reupload it. Hope it could give some knowledge to everyone who see it, and maybe, you'll decide to join kendo after watch this video. Enjoy :)

I hope i can post another martial art related video on the future post. Stay tuned and share if you consider it useful  ^^.