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Friday, June 22, 2012

Indonesia Kendo Tournament 2012

Its time for annual Indonesia Kendo Tournament 2012, held on May 27th 2012, in Jakarta. Followed by kendoka from all IKA affiliated regional kendo organization, like Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malang, and Surabaya. A bit different from the usual arrangement, the tournament was held in the same day as grading test, resulted in tighter and busier schedule for either the participants and the committee. But thank God, overall, everything went smoothly, well with a bit of miss here and there, but that was normal and not so serious, i think.. :)

The tournament result was :

Kids Category A:
1st. Motomi Komagata
2nd. Atsushi Maeda
3. Chisato Morisaki

Kids Category B:
1st. Yuzuki Morisaki
2nd. Mako Masuda
3rd. Eiki Aiba

Men-Kyu Category:
1st. Benny Indra (Malang)
2nd. Valentinus Prasetyo (BKF)
3rd. Sandi Afriadi (PMKC)

Final match video :

Women Category:
1st. Neglasari Martini (JKA)
2nd. Isnaeni (JKA)
3rd. Fifi Afifa A (JKA)

Final match video :

Men-Dan Category:
1st. Pandu Tresnalaga (JKA)
2nd. Noor Rofieq (Surabaya)
3rd. Novan (BKF)

Final match video :

Team Category:
1st. JKA A
2nd. SRBY A
3rd. JKA B

credit for video uploader : bro erman

And here's some snapshots from the event : 

The examiner board
Grading participants
Tournament participants
Look how cute they are.. ^^
 See u at IKT 2013.. :)