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Monday, March 12, 2012

6th Kouryuuki - Surabaya Kendo Tournament 2012, Semifinal Match

Still about Kouryuuki - Surabaya Kendo Tournament 2012, on this post, i post video from men and ladies semifinal match, 

Men semifinal :
First semifinal match between Mokok (Surabaya Kenkyuukai) and Iman (Surabaya Kenkyuukai)

Second semifinal match between Tesar (Surabaya Kenkyuukai) and Erman (Malang Kendo) 

Ladies semifinal :
First semifinal match between Neni (Jakarta Kendo) and Happy (Surabaya Kenkyuukai)

Second semifinal match between Yola (Yogyakarta Kendo) and Jully (Surabaya Kenkyuukai) .

Thanks for watching, feel free to post any comment.. :)