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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jakarta - Japan Matsuri Kendo Tournament 2011 Ippon Compilation

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Another Indonesia kendo ippon compilation!! This time, its from Jakarta - Japan Matsuri Kendo Tournament 2011. Annual kendo tournament, held in Jakarta, Indonesia, as one of many events in a festival to commemorate the friendship between Indonesia and Japan. Its a great tournament, followed by kendoka from IKA (Indonesia Kendo Association) affiliated dojo, from all around country. Enjoy the clip and see you on next tournament.. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yogyakarta Kendo Ippon Compilation 2011

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Hello, happy new year 2012, may this year become a great..great..year for all of us ^^. On this  post, let me present you with this video, Yogyakarta Kendo Ippon Compilation 2011, hope it can uplift your spirit to always give your best on everything you do..

Start small, start from yourself, start now..
Have a great year everyone.. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yogyakarta Aikido Grading Examination, Desember 2011

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For this time, Gajah Mada University's dojo became the location. Participants came from various aikido dojo in Yogyakarta. The grade examined in the exam were from 6th to 5th kyu, 5th to 4th kyu, 4th to 3rd kyu, and 3rd to 2nd kyu. Started with stretching and aiki taisho, followed with short break before the exam start. 

Then the exam started, in general, all the participants did well, but off course some participant did better than the other and vice versa.  

exam on the go..

the participants

Winny Sensei (left) and Gama Sensei (right)

After the exam finished, the participant get break while the examiner discussing the result. Before the result announcement, sensei gave feedback and correction for all participants, based on what they saw and noted before. 

Teguh Sensei in action..^^

Finally, time to announced the result, sensei announced the result for each grade, and the participants listened to it seriously with their heart thumping.. ( i think ^^ ). 

Well.. for this exam, examiner decided that all participants passed, congratulations.. :), hoped we keep training sincerely and seriously, and may all of us got the benefit of this training.
and everyone passed.. congrats..
briefing after exam, lead by each dojo's sensei

photograph : courtesy of Yogyakarta Aikido