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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The virtues of Aikido training

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The virtues of Aikido training

1. In order to practice Aikido properly :
· You must not forget that all things originate from One Source
· Envelope yourself with love
· Embrace sincerity
2. The practice of Aikido is
· An act of faith
· A belief in the power of nonviolence
· Not a type of rigid discipline or empty asceticism
· A path of follows the principles of nature that must apply to daily living
3. In good Aikido training
· We generate light (wisdom) and heat (compassion) that activate heaven and earth
· Train hard and you will experience the light and warmth of Aikido
· Train more and learn the principles of nature
· Aikido should be practiced from the time you rise to greet the morning sun to the time you retire at night

4. Aikido
· Is good for the health
· Helps you manifest your inner and outer beauty
· Fosters good manners and proper deportment
· Teaches you how to respects others and how not to behave in a rude manner
It is not easy to live up to the ideals of Aikido but we must do so at all costs – otherwise our training is in vain

(Taken from :
Training with the Master, Lesson with Morihei Ueshiba founder of Aikido,
By John Stevens and Walther V. Krenner)


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