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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Farewell Hamada Sensei

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This month (September) is the last month for Hamada Sensei's duty in indonesia. After 4 years, his duty in Indonesia is over and he will return to Japan. On previous training, as tradition, farewell match was held, and surprisingly there was a lot of participants in it. As for the result, Hamada Sensei won most of the match ( of course :p ).

Today's training (September 27th 2009) is the last training for him, and the training go on as usual. For me, this is my last chance to do keiko with him because i didn't participate on previous farewell match.

After the training finished, he meet with training participants to give some advice and to say farewell. And here's the point from what Hamada sensei said to us beginers :
"In Kendo, to be strong is not the main purpose, the more important thing when we train kendo is to get healthy, enjoy, and friendship"
I agree with what he said, if we continue to train seriously, i believe that strength will come by itself.

Finally, thanks for everything, Hamada Sensei. Dont forget Indonesia, and hope you could come visit us again in the future, bye. :)


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