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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jak-Japan Matsuri Kendo Tournament 2011, All Ladies Shiai Edition

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Hi everyone, this time, the post will show us "All Ladies Shiai of Jak-Japan Matsuri Kendo Tournament 2011", well..not all shiai actually ^^7, anyway, lets watch the unwavering fighting spirit of this great ladies..

Snoy VS Fifi (JKA)

Fika (JKA) VS Yonny (JKA)

Helen (JKA) VS Yola (YKA)

Riri (JKA) VS Helen (JKA)

Neni (JKA) VS Yola (YKA)

Yola (YKA) VS Riri (JKA)

Yola (YKA) VS Snoy

and for bonus, here's great shiai from our cute little kendoka..

kids 1

kids 2

Have another video? You could share it here.. :)


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