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Friday, May 24, 2013

Opinion on Kendo Shiai

Soon, we'll have Indonesia National Kendo Tournament 2013. Before you take a part in the tournament as a senshu (player) I'd like to share my humble opinion what a shiai means to me.

Shiai is neither about winning a medal nor defeating my opponent in the shiai jo (tournament field). Shiai is defeating myself not to break my kendo form! 

The desire to win in shiai oftentimes makes you forget about the kendo form as you are tensed and nervous as well as fulfilled with anxiety to win. It does break your kendo form! I hate such a kendo like that!

However, it doesn't mean that I don't like shiai at all. Shiai indeed gives you experience as it brings you different pressure and many different kendo styles, and in the shiai you will meet a lot of people you never meet before. You can learn a lot of things from shiai!

So, what I always try to do in a shiai are:
1. Relax and let my body react naturally (I trust the tacit knowledge I acquired from my regular ractice).
2. Take it easier than regular keiko in dojo. This is not uchikomi geiko! 
3. focus on seme and kendo form
4. When the time comes, I strike with all I've got. I don't care about getting hit or opponent's counter attack.

Note that I never win any medal from shiai! So, it's merely my humble opinion. 
Those who win in the shiai will explain better and more valid than me.

3rd Dan
Indonesia Kenshi


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